Troubleshooting Guide for Customers

A reference guide to help solve the most common questions.

Finding My Photos

How do I find my access code?

On or prior to Picture Day, your photographer should have supplied you with an access code so you can view and buy your photos. You can text this code to 90738 and stay up to date with picture day communication and specials, or enter it at

I'm trying to find my photos with FaceFind, and it's not working.

First, make sure the photo you've selected is clear and has only one face. Try using the PhotoDay App for iOS or Android. If you still cannot find your photos, it is possible the photographer has not uploaded them to the gallery. In this case, make sure to reach out directly to your photographer by tapping Contact from the PhotoDay gallery or App.

Text Communications

When I text the Access Code to 90738, I get a message "There doesn't seem to be a gallery with that access code. Please contact the organization or your photographer."

First, make sure you're texting the correct access code - spelling + spaces to 90738. The access code must be made active by your photographer for this to work properly. It is important to note the access code is not the same as the verification code. Verification codes are 6 digit numerical codes that are sent when you create a new PhotoDay account and/or purchase an AdvancePay credit.

I receive a "service unavailable" or "service access denied" message when sending a text to 90738.

  • Contact your mobile carrier and make sure you have a shortcode service enabled with your plan.
  • Make sure you have a cell signal.
  • Double-check that you are texting the correct shortcode: 90738.


I'm trying to purchase an AdvancePay credit, but I cannot receive a verification code.

AdvancePay credits are mobile verified. This means you will need a mobile/cell number to purchase the credit, and it is linked securely to your mobile number. You'll sign in with the same mobile number to access the credit, and you'll receive a 6 digit verification code via text so PhotoDay can be certain it is really you. If you are not receiving a verification code, first double-check you're entering the correct mobile number. If you still do not receive the verification code, this may be your cellular service provider blocking the PhotoDay shortcode. This happens when you are using a very old cellular data plan. You can contact your provider and ask them to turn on shortcode texting.

I am viewing my gallery, but I don't see my AdvancePay credit.

Make sure you are signed into PhotoDay so you can access your AdvancePay credit. You can also do this during Step 4 of the checkout process.

Checking out

I have multiple children and want to check out in one transaction.

If your children are located in the same gallery, and you used one access code to find them, you can mix and match in packages and products any way you'd like. However, if you have multiple codes from multiple galleries, follow these instructions to checkout and save on shipping. Note: sometimes you cannot combine access codes into one order. In this rare case, the photographer has created multiple galleries. Try reaching out directly to your photographer for help.

The photo will not fit into the product I am trying to order.

Sometimes images are created to be ordered a specific size. If your image contains graphics or text and it is being cut off while trying to order a specific print size, reach out to your photographer for help. They may be able to adjust the images/text so you can order the sizes you desire accordingly.

The checkout button is greyed out.

If this happens, it could be a few things. First, if you're using the PhotoDay Picture Day Gallery App, make sure you have the latest version and update from the App store. If you are using a desktop or mobile web browser, try using another browser as sometimes extensions or plug-ins can interfere with the security of PhotoDay. Finally, you can open each item you've ordered and ensure the crop and images are confirmed. If you still need help, reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center

The offer code is not working.

The error message you receive when attaching an offer code will explain why it is not working.

  • Offer code is expired - The expiration date has passed and this offer is no longer valid.
  • Order does not meet order minimum - Contact your photographer.
  • Offer code does not exist - Check the spelling of the offer you are trying to use. Make sure this is a valid offer. If you receive this error, there is no such offer code available.

My transaction won't process.

If you receive an error when processing payment, try using another card or payment method to complete your transaction.


I'm entering my shipping address, and it's not working.

All shipping addresses are verified to ensure delivery. If you enter an address and receive an error "Address is Invalid," first, double-check to make sure there are not any errors. Sometimes new construction or address updates can also cause this issue. Try using another address or reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center for assistance.

Order Questions

I am missing part of my order.

Please reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center with your order number and mobile phone number used to place the order, and we will be happy to remake and reship any missing items.

My order arrived damaged.

Please reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center with your order number and mobile phone number used to place the order, and we will be happy to remake and reship any damaged items.

I ordered digital downloads, but how do I retrieve them?

The link(s) to receive digital downloads are located on your order receipt. Sometimes this message gets filtered into your spam folder. Be sure to check there prior to contacting support. Also, you can retrieve your downloads by signing into PhotoDay at or by using the app. If you did not receive a receipt or the links, please reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center with your order number and mobile phone number used to place the order, and we can resend it to your current email address.

I ordered a high-resolution download, but the printing service I am trying to use is telling me it is not large enough.

PhotoDay compresses downloads to help save storage space on devices. The image that is downloaded is the same resolution your photographer previously uploaded to PhotoDay for sale. Some web-to-print retailers will not recognize this compression. You can re-open the file on a desktop and re-save it to bypass the compression or contact your photographer to retrieve another file.

What can I do with a social sharing download?

Social Sharing Downloads are not high enough resolution to be printed and do not contain a print release to do so. They are meant to be shared via email, text and/or social media with friends and family.

Contact Photographer

How do I find my photographer?

Gallery on the web

Gallery on the mobile app

Still need help finding your photographer? Reach out to the PhotoDay Help Center.