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Cut your tethers. Forget those barcodes and QR codes. Eliminate additional equipment and expensive software licensing. School picture day will never be the same for you...or your customers.

PhotoDay Schools will be in beta for Spring 2019. Subscriptions are free during the beta period.

We'll let you know when PhotoDay Schools beta is live.

Introducing PhotoDay Schools

featuring PLIC by PhotoLynx

PhotoDay Schools has all the ease of our sports and events module, with built-in features designed specifically for school photography. The secret sauce? Our new Capture app that completely eliminates the hassles of image and data management.

Score High Marks with Parents

  • No more paper order forms or checks
  • Browse photos and pick the perfect shot
  • Customizable products and gifts
  • Receive orders within days not weeks
  • Track packages right to the doorstep

How it Works

We've partnered with PhotoLynx to bring you this end-to-end workflow solution.


Greater pose flexibility • Hands-off data and image management • Easy-access to service items • More profit!


Before Picture Day

  • Set up AdvancePay for credit purchase and send AdvancePay flyer to the school for distribution
  • Request CSV file from school
  • Set up the School Job in your PhotoDay Studio Panel
  • Upload CSV file

Picture Day!

  • Set up a spot for capturing a reference photo with the PhotoDay Capture app
  • Set up your normal picture day set-up
  • Take great-looking photos!

After Picture Day

  • Upload photos to PhotoDay
  • PhotoDay matches reference photos from Capture app to the uploaded photos
  • Use PhotoDay template to quickly create child-specific flyers to send to the school for distribution to parents (with an option to send flyers to the lab for printing)
  • Parent receives flyer
  • Parent views child's picture day photos on the PhotoDay customer gallery
  • Parent matches their favorite photos with great-looking products - and places their order!
  • Lab fulfills the order and direct ships to the parent!

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