Labs, start your printers.

PhotoDay® combines advanced technology and a streamlined workflow to simplify and expedite both the ordering and manufacturing process

Seamless Integration.

PhotoDay has made it painless for any lab to integrate using Kodak's DP2 software. Product creation and management is simple. Offer photographers a technologically advanced b2b2c solution with complete consumer engagement to increase sales and competitive advantage.

Automated Transactions.

Our e-commerce platform expedites transfer of all monies. When the consumer purchases, everyone gets paid in one simple transaction.

Consumer Verified.

Offer personalized products at ease by giving the consumer complete control of the ordering process. No more in-between paperwork. No more missed scanned packages or illegible handwriting. Data comes direct to the lab through DP2, all confirmed by the consumer. Order accuracy is 100%.

Always Connected.

PhotoDay assumes all communication between the consumer and lab once the order is placed. Consumers can track orders and receive order updates as the lab prints and ships the orders, complete with tracking information.