How to PhotoDay

Follow these simple steps for a faster, more convenient picture day!

Download printable PDF or watch the video

Step 1

Text the unique access code provided by your event and/or studio to 90738, and we'll share everything you need to know about your child's picture day.

Step 2

  • Before picture day, you'll get a text from us with a link to purchase an AdvancePay credit.
  • If your studio isn't using AdvancePay, you'll get a link directly to the photo gallery. Skip to Step 7!

Step 3

You can purchase an AdvancePay credit to apply to your order after your photos are ready. Your credit will be securely tracked using your mobile phone number.

Step 4

Once you've purchased an AdvancePay credit, you'll get a text confirmation letting you know we'll update you when your pictures are ready to purchase.

Step 5

On picture day, you don't need to worry about anything other than making sure your child is there on time and picture-ready!

Step 6

When it's time to view your photos, you'll get a text with a link to the photo gallery. You'll be reminded of your AdvancePay credit and any applicable coupon codes.

Step 7

Quickly find your photos. Narrow down the gallery using FaceFind™ or tags. Or view them all!
Note: Not all galleries have 3 search options.

Step 8

For this example, we’re using Facefind™ to find all of the photos that include your child.

Step 9

When you're ready to start shopping for products to match with your favorite photos, tap Shop Now.

Step 10

Select a package or a single product. In this example, we're going to select a package.

Step 11

You can view the contents of the package and begin customizing the individual products in the package.

Step 12

Crop and swap photos, choose themes, and add text in just a few simple taps.
Note: Themes & text only apply to select products.

Step 13

Once you have your products the way you want them, add the package to your shopping cart.

Step 14

In your cart, you can edit your selection, adjust the quantity of items, continue shopping, or checkout when you're ready.

Step 15

Fill out your contact and delivery info, choose a shipping method, and apply any coupon codes you received.

Step 16

Remember that AdvancePay credit? Be sure to sign in using the same mobile number you used to purchase the credit. Your credit amount will automatically apply to your total.

Step 17

Now, simply enter your payment method, and hit the "Place Order" button. And you're done!

Step 18

We'll let you know when your order has shipped via text. Happy shopping!

For the best shopping experience, download the PhotoDay app from your favorite app store. You can also use any web browser.

We bring picture day to you.