Group Galleries

Password protected gallery for a group

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Gallery Access

Steps on how customers can view their photos

create job

Create a job and set gallery access to GROUP

create job

Customers enter the gallery using the group access code

create job

Customers can search for photos using settings you control: FaceFind, Tags, and All Photos

Utilize PhotoDay Text Marketing

Customers can also text a unique code to our phone number 90738 and connect directly to their gallery.


What is FaceFind?

FaceFind helps customers find their images quickly. Find photos by uploading or snapping a photo and watch the magic happen. It's that easy!

Have a Look

For team or group activities where photos of multiple people can be viewed as part of a closed group with one access code.

Sports teams, dance studios, preschools, etc.

Enter the access code LMPSPORTS when prompted.

group gallery

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