PhotoDay® was born from a unique concept between open-minded creatives, visionaries, engineers and developers who are passionate about photography. Our profound obsession with technology and the opportunity to transform lives with simpler tools, faster processes and enriched experiences is our motivation to create a better workflow for the consumer, the photographer and the lab.

We are on a mission to inspire and revitalize an industry where change is long overdue. For us it's really pretty simple - make PhotoDay simple.


Jonathan Dantes

Co-founder, CEO

Rainer Flor

Co-founder, CPO

Greg Pardo


Lisa Mallis

VP, Business Development

Marissa Latshaw


Joy Garcia

Art Director

Henry Oliver

Lead Software Engineer

Vadim Shevchenko

Lead Software Engineer

Scott Ahten

Lead Software Engineer

Isaac Paul

Software Engineer

Chris Albanese

Software Engineer

Leo Peres

Software Engineer

Serhii Kamenkovych

Software Engineer

Rafael Brinker


Martha Piovesan

QA Engineer

Kristen Vincenti

QA Engineer

Wes Greene

Digital Marketing Producer

Stephanie Gamble

Customer Success

Stevie Williams

Customer Success

Ana Hardiman

Marketing Intern

Investors & Advisors

Jonathan Taylor

Chairman, Co-founder

Stan Reedy

Investor, Strategic Partner

Jeff Ploen

Investor, Strategic Partner

Ed Monahan

Industry Advisor

Jack Levin

Technical Advisor